Can You Buy Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a app for smartphones that is a social media service for sharing and distributing pictures and videos. The main game is to take pictures and then apply digital filters to them to make them look distorted or discoloured. It confines the photos to a square and makes them look like old photos. Because of this it tends to be a popular app among hipster youth and vintage enthusiasts. Images are made popular by a method of ‘liking’ them, similar to the thumbs up you can give on Youtube and the liking of posts on Facebook. While seemingly silly, these followers can be very important for people who take photography seriously and they may want to get more, no matter what the cost is. Which brings us to the question of can you buy Instagram followers?

The clear answer is yes. If there is a market for it, the chances are that you can buy it and it is apparent that there is a market for buying Instagram followers on the internet. You can buy Instagram followers from a wide variety of different sellers all because there is a market for it and believe me, if you are looking to buy it chances are other people are too.

insta followers

Buying the followers is easy enough as there is so much choice in the line of companies and providers to choose from. A simple Google search of Instagram followers will get you numerous companies saying that if you’re looking to buy then they are the ones to buy it from. These sites include Buzzoid, and IDigic amongst many many more.

Buzzoid are a large company, claiming to have over 10,000 daily customers which is way more than you would expect for a company in their trade. They offer very competitive rates ranging from 100 followers for $2.97 to 10,000 followers for as little as $69.99. They claim to be ‘your number one Instagram provider’ and they also provide bought followers for the website which might be handy for later. They offer a fast delivery of only 10 minutes and they have a 24/7 help service just in case anything goes wrong. They offer quality followers too which means that there is little chance anyone would suspect that you had spent a time.

Another website mentioned is IDigic. You might have thought it was impossible but this site actually offers even lower prices than the last ranging from $2.95 for 100 followers which may only be two cent cheaper but it adds up when you see that 10,000 followers only cost $64.95. They allow you to buy these followers but distribute them amongst several different pictures too which is handy if you have multiple pictures to service. They also offer higher bulk orders up to 50,000 followers for $249.95. They are Paypal verified too, making the a trustworthy company.

So, if you were asking yourself if you could buy Instagram followers, the answer is yes. Now whether you will or not is up to you.